Peyton Wich Joins Cast of “Goosebumps: Slappy Halloween”

As early filming begins on the sequel to 2015’s popular “Goosebumps” movie, Sony Pictures has announced the acquiring of “Stranger Things” actor Peyton Wich to the cast. Replacing Rob Letterman who directed the first movie, Ari Sandel has been chosen to direct the second Goosebumps movie which has been officially titled, “Goosebumps: Slappy Halloween” after the evil puppet from the first film.

Details on the plot of the new movie have thus far been well-kept, with only the rumor that Slappy will be getting the help of Nikola Tesla to bring on the apocalypse on Halloween night while three young friends attempt to thwart his evil plans.

It has not been positively confirmed that Jack Black will be returning as the voice of Slappy. Other cast members joining Wich in production include Jeremy Ray Taylor, Caleel Harris, Madison Iseman, Ben O’Brien, Chris Parnell, Ken Jeong, and Wendi McLendon-Covey.

While the release date has been moved several times, current listings show an October 12, 2018 opening for this much-anticipated sequel.

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  1. I actually waited for the movie for a long time but they kept having it delayed. Along the line, I lost interest and stopped following the movie. I’m sure that it’s been released now or are they still delaying it till 2022?


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