Thrills and Chills: The Most Anticipated Horror Video Games of 2024 Unveiled

Upcoming Horror Video Games 2024

As we push further into a slow year (so far) for horror movies, I write instead about some of the more interesting horror video games that are set to release this year. 2024 is poised and ready to see the release of a number of video games to fall in under the video game banner. Not only are the horror games releasing in 2024 plentiful, but there are also some fascinating titles in the upcoming line-up.

Alone in the Dark (PC/Consoles)

It was 1992 when a three-team collaboration of Atari SA, Kung Fu Factory and Krisalis Software defined the future of horror survival video games. Now, just a short 32 years later, Swedish development team, Pieces Interactive, are set to bring the franchise back for the first time since the 2015 installment.

Set in the 1920s, Alone in the Dark will give you a choice of whether to play as either of the two original protagonists, Edward Carnby and Emily Hartwood. Described as a fusion of psychological horror and “Southern gothic”, the series is set to once again hit the ground running.

Upcoming Horror Video Games 2024

While Pieces Interactive are holding their cards very closely to their chests regarding the storyline, we do see from the trailer that the franchise won’t stray far from the path it has previously beaten. With glimpses of thought-provoking puzzles, the Alone in-the-Dark-typical combat system that we know and love and a variety of creepy occurrings and nightmarish monsters to look forward to.

Alone in the Dark is set to release on March 20, 2024 and will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

Ill (PC/Consoles)

Developed by Team Clout inc., Ill will be a narrative-drive FPS horror survival title that will undoubtedly cause a widespread epidemic of churning stomachs. After the protagonist (name yet unknown) is ambushed by a group of masked men while driving his car, he is taken to a creepy settlement where he will need to uncover the unholy truth surrounding the dark and sinister home.

Team Clout inc. have promised an intense body horror experience that takes combat to the next level with an advanced dismemberment system and the trailer shows, for all intents and purposes, that this is a promise that will be delivered upon. Crafting will play a vital role as you build contraptions to use against the bloodthirsty and grotesque enemies.

Everything intent on killing you in ill will be graced with an intelligent cunning that will keep any play on his or her toes. Speaking about this improvement in combative AI, the developers have described the intellectually boosted monstrosities as unpredictable in manner and hinted that there will be a lot more thought needed before taking them on.

The awesomeness doesn’t stop there, of course. The complex weapon mechanics that we will see in Ill will involve regular weapon maintenance to keep your arsenal working smoothly and the player will feel the weightiness of the weaponry thanks to a procedural animation system that considers physical characteristics.

Sadly, we have yet to hear about a release date but Ill will be released at some point this year and be available on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Paranormal Tales (PC)

Paranormal Tales is an up-and-coming horror video game that plays out a lot like the similarly named movie franchise. Seen through the lens of a body cam, this found footage horror game offers an uber-realistic world and some genuinely chilling moments.

Developed using Unreal Engine 5, the game looks to be an immersive experience with a harrowing plot line taking place over a number of different viewpoints. Have you got what it takes to unravel the mysteries and keep fear at bay? Sadly, it looks as though console gamers will lose out on this one, with the title set to release solely on Steam later this year.

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