Abigail (2024) Preview: Radio Silence Bare their Fangs with Title Reveal

Written by Stephen Shields and Guy Busick, Abigail is an upcoming instalment of the long-running Universal Monsters series. With Radio Silence‘s Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, the movie will be a reimagination of the 1936 classic movie Dracula’s Daughter from the same franchise.

Abigail Preview (2024) | Horrify.Net

Abigail (2024) Trailer

The Abigail trailer was recently announced, breaking Universal Monsters’ silence surrounding the next instalment of their franchise. With a confirmed title, the news has caused quite the stir as horror fans finally see the details laid bare, putting end to a lot of speculation circulating the release.

Abigail Preview (2024) | Horrify.Net

The trailer fills us with the promise of an abundance of staple vampirisms and assuring plenty of blood and gore. Seeing Abigail make her way down the stairs by running down a banister during an assault on her kidnappers reminded me a lot of M3GAN and left me wanting more. But, alas! There’s quite a bit of time to wait yet.

Feast your eyes on what’s to come below.

The Cast of Abigail

Abigail is set to showcase an impressive cast, spearheaded by none other than Mellissa Barrera. Having shown off her talent in her role as Matilda in Matilda the Musical, Barrera’s includence will bring a compelling performance from the child star.

The movie’s complete cast, yet to be fully revealed, is expected to feature a healthy mix of both seasoned actors and up-and-coming talent, giving more appeal to the Universal Monsters franchise.

The Universal Monsters Franchise

The Universal Horror Movie franchise’s first movie was Dracula, way back in 1931 and was an adaptation of the 1924 stage play of the same name (which, of course, was a variation of Bram Stoker’s classic novel). Since these days of yore, Universal Monsters has brought us movies such as The Mummy, Interview with a Vampire, Blade, The Twilight Saga and Let the Right One In, among many more.

Abigail Review (2024) | Horrify.Net

Some might say that the Universal Monsters series is responsible for a flooding of classic monster (ie vampire) movies and the consequential saturation of classic monsters in the horror genre. However, I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that there will never be enough vampire movies out there. The inherent immortality of the creatures of the night leaves a lot of scope for fresh ideas and new movies.

Abigail – Release Date and Where to Watch

Set for theatrical release on April 19, horror fans will be able to sink their fangs into the movie as soon as next month. While there isn’t yet any concreted date for the movie to hit streaming services, this can be expected any time from March to June.

Abigail Review (2024) | Horrify.Net

Abigail – Storyline

A gang of kidnappers take Abigail from her home, with the intentions of banking a $50-million ransom from her affluent and influential father. Deeming a 12-year-old ballerina as being no apparent threat, the kidnappers become complacent as they wait in a decrepit – but still impressive – mansion for her father to pay the money. As the tables turn, the would-be abductors find themselves fast turning from predator to prey, as her darker side comes out to play. As the body count rises, the clueless criminals find themselves in a cat and mouse game when the mansion locks its self down, à la The House on the Haunted Hill.

Abigail – Summary

With vampires being one of my favorite elements of the horror world, I can’t wait to get myself to the theatre in April. All signs point to a blood-soaked movie, full of displays of awesome vampire-y ways and, for me, April can’t come quickly enough.

Prepare for a pacey, bloody and thrilling vampire movie, with all of the bells and whistles of modern-day horror.

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