Horror Articles

Horror Articles

Scream 5 Preview

When the first Scream movie had landed in 1997 slasher movies had been firmly established; and enjoyed by many. Scream was the movie that came to define the sub-genre and give it a new lease of life. ...

Blood Red Sky Review

When mother and son, Nadja and Elias (Peri Baumeister and Karl Anton Koch, respectively) board a transatlantic flight, they aren’t expecting what lays in store for them on the journey ahead. Whi...

8 Great

Willy’s Wonderland Review

If you have seen any trailers for Willy’s Wonderland, or even know the premise of the story; you will have come to understand that Willy’s Wonderland is not only heavily inspired by the cult game fran...

Resident Evil: Village – Review

Not long before Resident Evil: Village was unleashed on the general public (May 7th, 2021) I had the pleasure of putting pen to paper (only in a far more 21st-century fashion) and merging my wildest s...

The Djinn Review

After coming across an ancient tome; a deaf and mute boy, Dylan (Ezra Dewey), summons a dark, ancient entity into his home. By reading through the archaic text, Dylan finds he is at the creature’s mer...

5.6 Average

The Shining Book and Movie Comparison

Love it or hate it, there is no denying that Steven King’s The Shining is one of those movies that will always hold its well-earned place in ‘Top Ten’ articles, all over the internet. The movie was fi...

the unholy

The Unholy – Review

The Unholy is Ghost House Pictures’ latest chiller. With Jeffrey Dean Morgan taking the lead, the movie delves deeply into religion, but will it hit the mark? Jeffrey Dean Morgan (although a lot...

8 Great

Wrong Turn 2021

When Jennifer and her friends go on a soul-searching journey into the mountains, things take a sinister turn when they stray from the beaten path and into the realm of mountain-dwelling savages, going...

3.2 Bad

Son Review

After reading a handful of reviews from other writers, I had high hopes for Son. To say I was let down would more than likely win a prestigious award at the Understatement of the Year ceremony 2021. W...

3.2 Bad
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