Horror Articles

Horror Articles

No One Gets Out Alive Review

No One Gets Out Alive is a Netflix Original title following a Mexican illegal immigrant as she moves into a shady backstreet apartment with a sinister secret. No One Gets Out Alive Plot When Ambar, a ...

8.5 Great

The Top 5 Horror Picks of 2021

As the end of the year draws rapidly closer, we thought it would be the perfect time to catch a moment of reflection and look back at the very best horror movies that this year has unearthed. This mix...

Locke and Key Review

When you see that a TV show is a Netflix Original, you just know that quality awaits; Locke and Key is no different. First airing in 2020, the horror-fantasy series follows the Locke family as they mo...

9 Amazing

The Whole Truth Review

The Whole Truth is an interesting, albeit drawn-out, Netflix Original from the sunny shores of Thailand. When siblings, Pimm and Putt, find themselves living with their Grandpa and Grandma after their...

8.2 Great

Separation Review

When unemployed comic book artist, Jeff Vahn (played by Rupert Friend), is on the cusp of losing his daughter, his wife is killed in a hit-and-run car ‘accident’. This is where the loose s...

6.8 Fair

VHS 94 Review

I’m not usually the greatest fan of found footage movies. VHS 94, however, is one of the few to differ and bring something fresh and innovative to the horror sub-genre. Written and directed by f...

9 Amazing

Halloween Kills Review

Halloween Kills is the latest and penultimate title in the long-running franchise. Since 1978, twelve movies have been made and another is currently in production for a 2022 release. Ever since the fi...

4.4 Poor

Squid Game Review

After Netflix’s Squid Game took the world by storm in waves of obsession, I finally gave in to the hype and took to Netflix to satiate my growing curiosity. Being such a fan of Asian cinema, it&...

9.5 Amazing

Censor (2021) Review

Censor is a nostalgic ride into the ‘video nasties’ era of the 1980s. With homage paid to the days of old frequently throughout; those lucky enough to have been alive during this period will take grea...

8.8 Great
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