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Horror Articles

Wild Eyed and Wicked Review | Horrify.Net

Wild Eyed and Wicked Review

Written and directed by Ten Shots’ Gordon Shoemaker Foxwood, Wild Eyed and Wicked is a slow-burning journey into multigenerational trauma and portrays the harrowing reality of innate mental illn...

6 Fair
The Strangers: Chapter One Review | Horrify.Net

The Strangers: Chapter One Review

The Strangers: Chapter One is a reimagining of the 2008 horror hit, The Strangers. Directed by Cliffhanger‘s Renny Harlin and written by Alan R Cohen in collaboration with Alan Freedland and Bry...

4 Poor

Under Paris Review

While working in a garbage-strewn patch of the ocean, a team of marine biologists discover uncharacteristic behaviors and mutations among the group of sharks they’re tracking. After her whole te...

Upcoming Horror May 2024

Monstrous May-hem: Unmissable Horrors Coming this Month

With a fresh month of horror ahead of us, I take a look into what’s in store for horror enthusiasts in May. From the shark-infested waters of Something in the Water, to the political satire of F...

Imaginary Review: A Horror that Delves into the Human Imagination

Directed and written by Jeff Wadlow (The Curse of Bridge Hollow), with help in the writing department coming from Greg Erb and Jason Oremland, Imaginary is a 2024 horror movie that follows a children&...

4.5 Poor
Night Shift Review - Horrify.net

Night Shift Review: After Hours Antics on the Skeleton Shift

Directed by Benjamin and Paul China and produced by Quiver Productions, Night Shift is a freshly released horror; full of intrigue, jump scares and following a twisting narrative that keeps you guessi...

8 Great

Abigail (2024) Preview: Radio Silence Bare their Fangs with Title Reveal

Written by Stephen Shields and Guy Busick, Abigail is an upcoming instalment of the long-running Universal Monsters series. With Radio Silence‘s Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, the movie will be a reimag...

Destroy all Neighbors Review

Directed by Josh Forbes, Destroy all Neighbors is an off-the-wall horror-comedy, bursting at the seams with a perfectly-balanced brew of hilarity, blood, guts and other associated gore. With a team of...

8 Great

There’s Something in the Barn Review

Directed by Magnus Martens (the Banshee and 12 Monkeys TV shows), There’s Something in the Barn is a dependable horror-comedy movie that the whole family can enjoy (as long as you don’t mi...

7.8 Good
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