Horror Articles

Horror Articles

Squid Game Review

After Netflix’s Squid Game took the world by storm in waves of obsession, I finally gave in to the hype and took to Netflix to satiate my growing curiosity. Being such a fan of Asian cinema, it&...

9.5 Amazing

Censor (2021) Review

Censor is a nostalgic ride into the ‘video nasties’ era of the 1980s. With homage paid to the days of old frequently throughout; those lucky enough to have been alive during this period will take grea...

8.8 Great

Meander Review

Where most horrors of this ilk seem to drag their heels with a slow, drawn-out beginning, Meander throws us straight into the action after around the 5-minute mark. Lisa (played by Gaia Weiss) is mour...

8 Great

Aftermath Review

Directed by Peter Winther (The Patriot and Independence Day producer), Aftermath is a slow-burning movie that loosely fits its given genre. The Plot of Aftermath Working on his job as a crime scene cl...

2.6 Awful

Spiral: from the Book of Saw Review

I honestly don’t know why I have felt the need to watch an eighth movie from the Saw franchise – Spiral: from the Book of Saw. My feelings of self-torture aren’t down to the movies bein...

Scream 5 Preview

When the first Scream movie had landed in 1997 slasher movies had been firmly established; and enjoyed by many. Scream was the movie that came to define the sub-genre and give it a new lease of life. ...

Blood Red Sky Review

When mother and son, Nadja and Elias (Peri Baumeister and Karl Anton Koch, respectively) board a transatlantic flight, they aren’t expecting what lays in store for them on the journey ahead. Whi...

8 Great

Willy’s Wonderland Review

If you have seen any trailers for Willy’s Wonderland, or even know the premise of the story; you will have come to understand that Willy’s Wonderland is not only heavily inspired by the cult game fran...

Resident Evil: Village – Review

Not long before Resident Evil: Village was unleashed on the general public (May 7th, 2021) I had the pleasure of putting pen to paper (only in a far more 21st-century fashion) and merging my wildest s...

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