Horror Articles

Horror Articles

spiral from the book of saw review

Spiral: From the Book of Saw Preview

Since the first movie in 2004, the Saw franchise has gained a massive following of horror fans. With its notorious penchant for blood and gore and famously twisting plot, it’s of little wonder the ser...

hosts review

Hosts Review

Being a British-born horror writer, I like little more than a British horror movie to write about. Sadly, in my previous experience, the UK doesn’t tend to produce the best of the genre and has very f...

8.9 Great
relic review

Relic Review

Japanese-Australian actress Natalie Erika James skillfully embodies the terrible illness, Dementia, in this moving Australian horror-thriller. Without the usual ghost or monster; Natalie Erika James h...

8.6 Great
fantasy island review

Fantasy Island Review

At a glance, BlumHouse’s latest movie looks to be a low-budget horror film, not unlike many others. While, in a sense, this is true; Fantasy Island has so much more to offer than its tacky, barg...

6.5 Fair
freaky review

Freaky Review

If there was a film released in 2020 that nobody asked for, or even wanted, it would be Freaky. The wafer-thin plot and wooden acting perfectly encapsulate the cheesy, B-movie tones of ‘80s cinema. Ho...

6.7 Fair
gretal and hansel review

Gretel and Hansel Review

Directed by Oz Perkins (Legally Blonde, Psycho II), Gretel and Hansel is a delightfully eerie retelling of an age-old tale. When title characters, the brother and sister duo, leave their home to escap...

7.8 Good

The Invisible Man Review

Loosely following James Whales’ 1933 adaptation of the same name, The Invisible Man is a true triumph for modern-day cinema. With director Leigh Whanell (Saw, Insidious) taking the reigns, we ar...

8.2 Great

Little Hope Review

   Being an avid fan of fast-paced, action-packed games, it could be said that I had Little Hope (sorry, I had to) for Supermassivegame’s latest addition to their ongoing saga; The Dark...

9.5 Amazing

Come Play Review

On the surface, Jacob Chase’s new horror flick, Come Play, seems to be just another cookie-cutter bogeyman film. However, after peeling back the many layers, you will be met by a surprisingly em...

8.1 Great
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