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geralds game review

Gerald’s Game

As much as I like tucking into a good Steven King book, I have never before read his novel Gerald’s Game. After trawling through the internet in an all too familiar desperate search for a decent horro...

9.2 Amazing

Slender Man Review

Think of the worst horror movie you’ve ever seen. Now that you’ve thought of that, go in with the expectation that this movie will more than likely be worse than that. The people behind this movie cle...

2 Awful

Underworld Review

Beginning what would become a highly successful franchise, “Underworld” delivers a high-tech variation on the classic vampires vs werewolves theme. The opening takes place in a large, unna...

9 Amazing

“An American Werewolf in Paris” movie review

While “An American Werewolf in Paris” started off strong in theaters, placing third among the new releases it was competing with, a series of mixed and outright bad reviews slowed it to a ...

6 Fair

From Hell Review

This creepy period flick is set in the late 19th century during the Jack the Ripper murders. The movie is a very well done take on one of the more popular theories of who may have actually been the Ri...

8.5 Great

Attack of the Southern Fried Zombies Review

When George Romero’s brain-starved hordes first descended on the hapless victims in ‘Night of the Living Dead,’ no one thought that zombie movies would develop an entire sub-genre so...

6.6 Fair

The Skeleton Key Review

With its slow but inexorable buildup to the climax, The Skeleton Key garners a great deal of its terror with a growing dose of just plain eerie. Director Iain Softley plays the audience by relaxing th...

10 Perfect

Jeruzalem Review

The proof that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” can be seen in the widely varied reception of the “found footage” style movie “Jeruzalem.” P...

7.9 Good

The Witch Review

This indie movie definitely has the creep factor going for it. This well crafted low budget film grossed $40 million at the box office compared to the mere $4 million it took to make it. The premise i...

8.5 Great

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