Summer Screams: Horror Movies Coming out in July, 2024

upcoming horror | July 2024

With the dark and gloomy nights well and truly behind us, we shape up for another season of horror cinema. Turn up the AC, shut out that pesky sun and kick back for a month packed of horror with my top picks for June, 2024.

MaXXXine – July 5, 2024

MaXXXine Trailer (Courtesy of YouTube)

The cleverly named MaXXXine is set to release as the third instalment of the X franchise. This time around, Mia Goth steps up with what’s being describe as her best performance yet. Set in the nineteen-eighties, MaXXXine will follow aspiring movie star, Maxine Minx (played by Goth) as she finally gets her big break. Just as things are looking up for the upcoming starlet, the very real killer, known as The Night Stalker (who stalked the Hollywood streets in the eighties) threatens to expose the trail of blood Maxine has left in her wake.

MaXXXine - Upcoming Horror june 2024

With the great Mia Goth heading the bill, MaXXXine will undoubtedly be bloody, bold and beautifully brash, making it on of my most anticipated movies of this year. Let’s just hope that it compares to the 2022 movies from the same franchise, Pearl and X.

Longlegs – July 12

Longlegs Trailer (Courtesy of YouTube)

Releasing on July 12, 2024, Longlegs will follow FBI Agent Lee Harker as she investigates a serial killer (Nicholas Cage). It’s not long before the case takes a sinister turn as links to the occult are uncovered and our heroine finds she is far more linked than she first thought.

Longlegs - Upcoming Horror june 2024

The trailer promises a movie packed with tension and unnerving scenes as Harker falls deeper into the darkness while unravelling the malevolent mystery. Anything to do with the occult automatically piques my interest and this is one that I can’t wait for.

Oddity – July 12

Written and directed by the brains behind Caveat (2020), Damian McCarthy, Oddity is an upcoming supernatural horror movie, set to release on July 12.

When Dani is murdered at a isolated country house she is renovating with her husband, Ted, the suspicion falls on a patient from the local mental health clinic where Ted is offering his services as a doctor. However, these early (and somewhat judgemental) suspicions are soon squashed as the prime suspect is found dead.

A year passes and the case remains shrouded in mystery when Darcy, Dani’s blind and psychic sister, who is a passionate collector of cursed artifacts, takes matters into her own hands and pays a visit to Ted and his new girlfriend, Yana.

Oddity - Upcoming Horror june 2024

In her unannounced visit, Darcy brings with her a sense of dark foreboding and a whole arsenal of dangerous items from her curses collection. Determined to use these artifacts to uncover the truth, she reopens old wounds and leads Ted into a chilling confrontation with the past.

With an abundance of horror tropes ticked, Oddity looks set to be a chilling journey into revenge and the afterlife. Oddity is set to hit the theaters on July 12.

Horror Movies Coming Out in June, 2024 – Summary

While there are other movies due to come out in the coming month, these are the ones that have caught my eye the most. With the return of Mia Goth in her critically acclaimed X franchise on the way, with two other supernatural horror movies coming in the month of June, there’s certainly a lot to look forward to in the world of horror next month.

Looking forward to a horror movie that’s not listed here? Let us know in the comments. Stay tuned for the featured movies’ reviews, which will roll out on release.

Happy nightmares.

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