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    I was reading the preview on here but hadn’t even seen the first one. I watched it and now I can’t wait for part 2. What are your thoughts on this?

    Dr Harper

    I really enjoyed the first one. It was really weird seeing Jim from the Office in a horror film, he played the part really well though. I think he even wrote it, or wrote the second one.


    I didn’t even see the first film!

    I have to ask, does it hurt your ears to have people only whispering in a movie for an hour and a half? I think that part in itself would be “horror” to live through.

    At least there are some strong actors in the film, so maybe it’s worth giving it a chance?


    Yeah, the movie is definitely worth watching. I kind of enjoyed watching the first one more. The characters used in the movie was a very big factor in getting me to have interest in watching it and they never disappointed.

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