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    Dr Harper

    I think a thread like this would be a great addition to the site. It will give fellow horror fans a good point-of-reference when they are looking for a good movie to scare them., I’ll start with a few and will keep adding to this list as and when I get replies:

    Brain Dead
    The Heretics
    The Autopsy of Jane Doe


    Great idea. I’ll try and help you populate that list a little:

    As Before, so Below
    The Lodge
    Jacob’s Ladder

    The last one is probably not so hidden but it’s definitely a must-see.

    Dr Harper

    Argh, it doesn’t look like I can edit my original post. Never mind, just keep dropping the titles and people will still be able to reference this post.

    Thanks, guys.


    Hmm, interesting idea. Sorry, I normally watch pretty mainstream movies, so I can’t be much help. The Wretched definitely deserves a spot on this thread though.


    I’ll add Demon Seed to the list.

    It’s B horror and written by Dean Koontz who really knows how to give you the chills. The movie is about a super computer who wants to impregnate its creator’s wife.


    Below are the few classic horror movies that I would easily recommend for anyone. They are ;

    1. The Birds
    2. Ganja & Hess
    3. Cat People
    4. The Shinning
    5. Gaslight
    6. The Thing

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