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    Dan S

    Has anyone heard much about the upcoming Saw movie? I really need to catch up before it comes out, I’ve only seen up to 6. Anyway, I heard it will have Samual L Jackson in it, should be cool? What are your most wanted movies this year?

    Dr Harper

    I’ve heard the new Saw movie is going to be totally different to the ones before it . I think there’s a preview of it right here. you should check out what think of it.


    I think my daughter has seen all the Saw movies with her cousin. I tried watching a few, but they were way too gross for me. I don’t need to see the various ways of being killed to be entertained.


    I have watched it and it was very creepy. It’s one of those kind of horror movies that you can’t watch all alone especially at midnight. I’m still going to watch it once again maybe by next weekend.

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