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    Andy F

    I’ve seen a lot of classics remade in the last few years. Carrie is a classic example on why I feel some of the old treasures should be left well alone.


    In some cases, they should definitely have quit while they were ahead (Child’s Play comes first to mind – after the 3rd). That being said, it’s always nice to see childhood horror icons refreshed an modernized….sometimes.

    Arnold Layne

    I’d like them a lot more if they actually released some decent remakes. 2021 kind of looks like it’s the year of the reboot. I’m both hoeful and apprehensive about what’s going to happen to our favorite films of yesteryear.


    I don’t see the point of remakes because none have been any good. Carrie wasn’t any better than the first even though the special effects were more advanced. I saw that Firestarter was remade but haven’t heard anything about it, so it must have failed too.


    It’s just like how it is in video games, remakes are very good in every way as far as I can tell. It’s a new build up from the scratch and developing into something good. I’m all in for remakes as long as they are going to put much effort into making it.

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