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    There wasn’t many greats to choose from but I think Spell was pretty cool, alongside 12 Hour Shift and Hosts. Hope 2021 is better to us.

    Dan S

    Spell was pretty mediocre, in my opinion. Hosts wasn’t bad, for a budget movie. I’m looking forward to this year though. A lot of reboots coming our way.


    The pickings were scarce last year but I would have to go along the lines of Possessor or, more oddly, Cadaver. I too hope we get a better lineup this year.


    There are quite a few horror movies that would make my list of the best horror movies of 2021. They are ;

    1. My Heart Can’t Beat Until You Tell It To.
    2. The Boy Behind The Door
    3. The Amusement Park
    4. The Queen of Black Magic


    Some of the horror movies which I really enjoyed watching last year 2021 were ;

    1. No one Gets Out of Here Alive
    2. The Unholy
    3. Night Teeth
    4. Blood Red Sky
    5. Don’t Breathe 2

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