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    I am going to say it’s a neck-and-neck between The Nightmare on Elm St and the Hellraiser series. Both great movies and both getting a 2021 reboot. Awesome!

    Andy F

    I loved the Steven King adaptation of Psycho. Bate’s Motel was a real insight into Norman Bates and and his mother, Norma before the events of the famous movie. Great show.


    I’ve always been a huge fan of Tales of the Unexpected. In regards to a movie I would have to say The Exorcist. It’s a slow burner but was great for it’s day.

    Arnold Layne

    I wouldn’t say it’s classic but the exorcist series was really fun to watch. Great characters and even a few scares. I like how it ties in with the initial movie/book.


    I have always loved the House on Haunted Hill…both the old version and remake, as well as the series.

    There are a lot of others too. The Carnival of Souls I remember watching when I stayed home sick from school one day and it SCARED me senseless. Don’t stay home from school and watch scary movies.


    I have watched a lot of horror TV series. But if I’m going to pick the very best for me so far in terms of its plot, setting, storyline and even character development, it’s going to be Salem. I have never seen any horror movie like it in ages.

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