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    2021 may be a slow year for the movie industry, but we have been promised a nice selection of promising titles. I’m mostly looking forward to a Quiet Place Part 2. I loved the TLOU-esque setting of the original movie.


    I’m really excited about A Quiet Place part 2. I really enjoyed the first one. Then there’s the Candyman reboot :o. 2021 might just be a good year for horror.


    Yes, the Candyman reboot should be awesome as long as it doesn’t end up as bad as 1 and 2. I’m really looking forward to the new Saw though.

    Andy F

    I’m mostly looking forward to Spiral (Saw). It looks like they have taken an interesting angle and I’m looking forward to seeing Samual L Jackson in something too.

    Dr Harper

    Scream 5 and The Purge Forever. Scream 5 because I loved those movies back in the day and The Purge Forever because I’m a sucker for the purge movies (even though it will likely be terrible).


    Don’t Breath 2. How has no one mention Don’t Breath 2? The first was incredible, I can’t wait to see how the sequel plays out. #highhopes


    It’s was Jeppers Creepers for me!! I can remember the first release of the movie and it was a blast. The new remake is supposed to be out by now, I’m not really sure. I’m going to have it checked out once more.


    I really enjoyed playing the video games – The Last Of Us Part 1 and II. When I saw they were working on its movie, I was so much interested in it. It’s was a super interesting movie.

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