Crimes of the Future Preview

Crimes of the Future marks the return of a legendary horror director, David Cronenberg. With famously brilliant horror titles such as The Fly,1986; Nightbreed,1990 and Jason X, 2001 under his belt, the legendary director is finally making a return to the horror genre.

The upcoming and controversially dark science movie, is set to carry on with the body horror theme that Cronenberg is most noted for (The Fly, Videodrome) and was met with an audience walkout when premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. Of course, this early controversy only adds to our anticipation to watch it.

crimes of the future preview

The Plot of Crimes of the Future

Disturbingly set in the near future, Crimes of the Future follows a performance artist named Saul Tenser as he sets out to shock the world. Sleeping in a womb-like suspended bed, Saul is hooked up to revolutionary software that creates new organs while constantly adapting to the crazed artists needs.

Together with his equally crazy partner, Caprice, the demented duo showcase the removal of the new organs to wealthy audiences. However, their ‘art’ isn’t appreciated by the general public and, before long, a super-secret government body is established to put an end to the bizarre act. The National Organ Registry quickly threaten Saul’s macabre showcases, forcing his hand to give his fans the most shocking show yet.

Crimes of the Future was Written in 1999

Crimes of the Future was originally penned in 1999 but sadly never went into production. Alas, over twenty years later, Cronenberg was convinced to re-read his own script by Robert Lantos. After both parties agreed the script is now more relevant than ever, the movie finally went into production.


With the reception the movie received when premiered, we can’t wait to watch it. With it’s garish theme, it has us intrigued; in our eyes, the more disturbing the better. It will also be interesting to see Kristen Stewart (Twilight) in a darker role.

With so much potential it’s easy to miss the mark and fall flat. However, we have all the faith in the world for Cronenberg; leaving us more than optimistic that he will deliver a movie to remember.

Crimes of the Future will be released on June 3 of this year. With Cronenberg at the helm, this is definitely one we won’t be giving a miss.

Will you be watching Crimes of the Future? Let us know your thoughts below.

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