Baghead: A Shape-Shifting Horror Dwells in the Basement

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Baghead Review (2024) - Horrify.Net

Directed by Alberto Corredor, Baghead is a supernatural horror movie. Freya Allan (The Witcher) leads a well-picked cast, including War Horse‘s Jeremy Irvine, Peter Mullan (Trainspotting, Ozark), and with Anne Müller stepping into the role of the title character.

The Storyline Surrounding Baghead

When Freya inherits a run-down and decrepit pub in Germany, she soon discovers the furniture, fixtures and fittings aren’t all that come tied into her new inheritance. After being visited by a stranger late at night, Freya learns of Baghead, a shape-shifting entity that has the ability to reunite loved ones with their families and, moreover, who dwells in Freya’s basement.

After crossing Baghead’s palms with items belonging to those that have passed, Baghead not only takes on the appearance of the her visitors’ dearly departed but also carries the conscious of their minds, bringing them to life as well as granting the ability to communicate with those they left behind. However, this “gift” does not come without its own consequences (as that would, after all, make a terrible horror movie).

Baghead Review (2024) - Horrify.Net

The video that was passed down to her by her long-lost father explains that Baghead‘s powers shouldn’t be exploited and, under no circumstances, is she allow her to leave the basement. However, the flash of cash from the unknown stranger is enough to make her throw caution into the wind and allows him to visit her and, in turn, talk to his deceased wife. It’s here that a complication brings out the darker side to the 400-year-old entity and the reason for her father’s warnings fast become abundantly clear.

Setting the Wheels in Motion from the Start

Baghead opens with a promisingly creepy introduction which gives us an early insight into the title character with the making of the instructional video that I mentioned above, perfectly setting the ominous tones that carry through the entirety of the 94-minute runtime.

Baghead Review (2024) - Horrify.Net

I’ve seen many comments suggesting that Baghead is slow but this wasn’t fitting with my personal experience of the movie. Yes, there are a few parts dedicated to story or character-building that don’t feature the she-devil but these were always vital to the telling of the tale and in no way too drawn-out or unnecessarily featured.

Is Baghead Scary?

During my research, I found this to be a question asked time and time again about Baghead, so I’ll do my best to answer it here. While there are far creepier movies out there, this does indeed have something to offer in terms of scares and chills. There are plenty of horror clichés to be found in the movie, alongside its own brand of horror that works to keep the viewer’s on their toes while they wait for the next jump scare or chilling moment.

Baghead Review (2024) - Horrify.Net

If you’re a horror enthusiast looking for a movie that will keep you awake for days and haunt your dreams thereafter, then Baghead certainly isn’t the movie that you’re looking for. On the flip-side, however, those new to the horror genre – or those that scare easily – will undoubtedly be watching with the lights on and perhaps from behind the couch.

Baghead Summary

Owing to a solid cast and the fresh directorial prowess of Corredor, Baghead offers up a decent smattering of horror alongside an interesting plot. With a handful of chilling scenes taking place in the basement and with more than its fair share of jump scares laced throughout, Baghead serves its purpose as a dependable horror movie. Sadly, however, it won’t be enough to make any lasting impression on horror veterans and those seeking to be truly scared.

Baghead is now available on-demand and you can buy or rent it on Apple TV, Amazon Video or Rakuten TV.

  • Well cast
  • Interesting premise
  • Plenty of jump scares
  • Great narration scene
  • Not the scariest of movies
  • Ended too quickly

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