Escape Room 2 Preview

In 2019, Escape Room shocked movie critics the world over when it was met with resounding success. With a budget of just $9 million, the movie took the box office by surprise when it garnered over $150 million in ticket sales. With this in mind, production team Sony had no reservations about greenlighting a sequel to the hugely successful underdog. Escape Room 2 is set to hit our screens in 2022.

While it’s evident that the movie will be following the same, unique premise of the first installment, there is very little known about this up-and-coming horror gem. However, we do know that having the same director pulling the strings will pave the way for more of the antics from our mysterious puzzle master.

Even though I will be referring to Escape Room 2 as a sequel, Sony has given very much away in regard to the plot and the cast that will be involved.  We do know, however, that the first film left the possibilities of a sequel wide open. We also know there will be characters we have already met, playing a part in the upcoming installment.

The Premise of Escape Room 2 will Follow the Same Creative Vein as the First Movie

It doesn’t take a movie critic to know that the core of the movie will be very similar to the original. During the first movie, we saw an unsuspecting team of puzzle fans trapped in a room. As the title suggests, to escape the room they must first solve a series of puzzles to progress through their challenge. To make things difficult (and a lot more interesting to the viewer), the rooms are rigged with deadly traps; each with its own gruesome way of killing anyone who falls victim to the escape room. In a way, the villain of the franchise is very similar to our firm favorite, The Jigsaw Killer.

After watching various trailers, I have surmised not much is going to change. After all, there’s very little that can be expanded on with such a restrictive title. With a mostly new team, we will at least see some fresh, new characters; couple this with the tried, tested and superb premise, we are in for a treat.

A Surprising Controversy Surrounding Escape Room 2

When the first movie was announced to be rated PS-13, horror fans were left with the bitter taste of disappointment. It’s kind of easy to see why too when you think about it. With such a restriction, there was no way the writers could truly express their creative flair. Horror fans that had heard early news of the movie were eagerly awaiting a Saw-esque gore-fest; instead, the PG-13 rating put a lot of people off actually watching the movie.

While I understand their issue, it’s a shame they let certain grievances stop them from seeing what turned out to be a suspenseful masterpiece. We only need to take a look back at classics such as The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Drag me to Hell, Lights Out and Mama, to know that it doesn’t take an R-rating to make a movie scary.

As of yet, the age certificate that Escape Room 2 will carry. It would be nice to see more of the same but with added gore and grisly deaths. That being said, even with a PG13 rating, Escape Room 2 is definitely going to be one worth watching.

What Made Escape Room Great and why you should be Excited about a Sequel

If you haven’t seen Escape Room, I strongly advise that you see it as soon as possible. The design of the traps and puzzles throughout the production is clever and innovative. Fans of the Saw franchise will know how well these trap situations work in the horror genre. Each and every puzzle and trap we saw in the first was done in a way both intrigues and impress, to profound extents.

With a second movie on the horizon, I’m waiting with bated breath to see what they will do next. As I wait for Escape Room 2, with bated breath, there’s only one thing that I know for sure; Escape Room 2 is going to set the bar for the 2021 horror scene.

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