Locke and Key Review

When you see that a TV show is a Netflix Original, you just know that quality awaits; Locke and Key is no different.

First airing in 2020, the horror-fantasy series follows the Locke family as they move into the family mansion, where mother, Nina, plans to live with her family as she renovates the property. However, Key House is home to many wonders, magic, and unimaginable nightmares.

Locke and Key Premise

Locke and Key

After a home intruder kills her husband, Nina Locke moves with her three children to the family heirloom, Key House. While exploring the house, young Bode happens upon a lady living at the bottom of a well. The lady, known later as Dodge, tells the youngster that the house he is now living in harbors a number of magical keys that are capable of extraordinary powers.

After a disembodied whispering leads young Bode to the first key, the lady convinces him to give it to her so she can finally escape the well. However, the gullible Bode has been deceived and soon learns that the ‘Well Lady’ (as he first knows her) is far from what she seems. Dodge is Hell-bent on getting her hands on the magical keys of Key House and will stop at nothing to gather them all and use them with evil intent.

The Cast and Characters of Locke and Key

While Locke and Key shines in many areas, the cast and characters take the podium at number one. From the Locke family to their friends and even the bad guys, the casting director was clearly firing on all cylinders when choosing who would get the roles. Yes, Bode does start the series as a pint-sized pest, but isn’t this usually the case for the youngest character in this kind of production? With that being said, it didn’t take me long to warm to him as he seemed to mature as the series progressed.

I can’t speak of the cast, of course, without throwing a special mention to the smoking hot Laysla De Oliveria (Gothica, Nikita) who gives a sterling performance as the show’s demonic entity, Dodge. As great as the other cast members are, I can’t help but think Oliveria’s talent steals the show.

Locke and Key

Cliffhangers Aplenty

There’s nothing that keeps you watching episode-after-episode of a TV series than the tried and tested cliffhanger, and Locke and Key uses these in abundance and to great effect. What starts as ‘one quick episode’ quickly turns into an all-night binge as perfectly executed cliffhangers urge you to watch ‘just one more’. It’s a slippery slope into TV addiction, and I couldn’t get enough.

Locke and Key Keeps you Guessing

As the story unfolds you naturally fall into your very own guessing game of ‘Guess the Next Power’. Each key found gives the bearer a new and unique power. You start to think ahead about what sort of key would help the Lockes overcome their current situation. This works wonders to hold intrigue and to keep the viewer interested in the fate of the Lockes and the narrative as a whole.


Locke and Key really took me by surprise. I had mediocre expectations due to the premise sounding a little childlike with magic keys, et al. I couldn’t have been more wrong! The show had me engrossed by the end of the second episode and, thanks to the cliffhangers I mentioned earlier, I had both seasons watched within a few days.

Furthermore, while Locke and Key does contain some scenes for the more mature viewer, it doesn’t go overboard on the violence or horror so could be enjoyed by the whole family.

In short, if you’re looking for a magical, binge-worthy series then Locke and Key is your answer.

I haven't enjoyed a series quite like I did Locke and Key since Game of Thrones (bold statement, I know). It has a little of something for everyone and can be enjoyed by most of the family. Phenomenal stuff.
  • Great story
  • Awesome casting
  • A magical experience
  • Holds intrigue well
  • No season three yet
  • Gabe

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