Resident Evil: Village – Review

Not long before Resident Evil: Village was unleashed on the general public (May 7th, 2021) I had the pleasure of putting pen to paper (only in a far more 21st-century fashion) and merging my wildest speculations with the few solid facts, we as the general public were teased with prior to the game’s release.

  Since I penned the hypothetical results of my wild imagination, I have managed to get my hands on a copy of Resident Evil: Village; and, donning an adult diaper (not really) have crept; crawled; shot, and slashed my way through the eerie, atmospheric twists and turns of the latest Resident Evil offering. While the game was true to its signature scares and foreboding ambiance, it wasn’t without a few moments that raised a questioning eyebrow.

Resident Evil: Village

Resident Evil: Village – The Story

Resident Evil: Village opens up with a scene of RE: Biohazard’s Mia reading a spooky local fairy tale to her and Ethan Winters’ baby daughter, Rose. After the picture is painted and we know that the disturbing events that befell the hapless couple in the last installment are long forgotten. With our protagonist and his significant other having moved on, the proverbial hits the fan, turning Ethan’s world upside-down.

Cue franchise favorite Chris Redfield and his band of elitist soldiers. With a hasty turning of the metaphorical tables, Mia is shot down in cold blood while fixing dinner for Ethan before their daughter and our hero are abducted.

Waking up in a strange village, you have both a headache and the pressing matter of rescuing your daughter at hand. And so begins your adventure through the seemingly deserted streets and into the ominous Castle Dimitrescu.

Lady Dimitrescu and Co

What creepy castle, over-towering a creepy village would be complete without a creepy set of inhabitants to occupy it?  Lady Dimitrescu is a shining example of Capcom’s innate ability to create great characters and macabre, sinister enemies. Standing in at a gargantuan 9’ 2”, Lady Dimitrescu is quite literally a huge presence whenever she enters a scene. There’s something about the way she crouches through doorways and towers above everything around her that gives the player a real feeling of unease.

Resident Evil: Village - Lady Dimitrescu

The “Birth” of the Daughters

Almost as if the 9-foot vampire/witch-hybrid wasn’t enough, she comes with her very own entourage; her “daughters”. Daniela, Bela, and Cassandra were spawned when the giant worked with Mother Miranda; experimenting on the village’s women by implanting Cadau into their bodies.

The Cadau were brought into the Resident Evil world when the cult leader introduced a parasitic nematode to the infamous “Black Mold” (RE: Biohazard) and replicated themselves. Mother Miranda soon discovered that these strange little creatures could be easily manipulated into doing her evil bidding.

The result saw flies hatch from the bodies of the victims as they developed an aversion to cold; thus, the birth of Big Dimi’s “daughter” horde; who are paradoxically both hot and terrifying.

It will come as no surprise when I tell you that each of the daughters comes with their own boss fight. While the fights are set out with flair and drama aplenty, they are a little too easy and very similar. Once you find the pattern, they can be taken down in a matter of a few minutes; all with the same method. A little more contrast between the daughters would have brought a far more interesting aspect into the game. As it stands, however, it’s difficult to see much difference between the four battles.

The Duke

The Duke was one of my favorite characters of Resident Evil: Village. Whether his likability was intentional or just a product of my weird tastes is unclear, but his mysterious ways add more to the game than merely a generic storefront. The Duke seems to be on your side, encouraging you with advice, albeit in a vaguely cryptic manner. He is also a welcome sight when you’re low on ammo or health.

Keep an eye out for this larger-than-life character. He will help you far more than you think. Use his store to stock up on ammo wherever possible. Like most survival horror games, it’s all too easy to run out of munitions and meet your untimely end. Treasures found throughout the world can also be sold in exchange for Lei.

Resident Evil: Village – Game Mechanics

Village plays much like most of the modern RE games. In the early stages, I noticed a strange, unexplainable feel to the shooting mechanics. I later learned that I wasn’t alone and the issue could be fixed with a quick change to the settings. If the aiming doesn’t feel quite right to you; going into the options menu and turning off both “camera aim acceleration” inputs will fix the problem.

Resident Evil: Village - game screenshots at Riot Pixels, images


Being a long-time fan of the series, I always worry when Capcom throws down another installment. However, my fears have seldom been realized. Resident Evil: Village was no different and like with the majority of the franchise’s titles, I was not disappointed.

The atmosphere and ambiance of the game continue to hit the high standards that Capcom have over the years set themselves; the imaginations of the character creators are still as profound as they were 20+ years ago. With that being said, the RE; Village did let itself down in a few, small ways but nothing that will go to stopping its success. I don’t want to go into too much detail but there’s a scene early on that offers no explanation; defying all rules of science. I’m well aware that this is a game, but….well…you will see what I mean.

Aside from this one scene, Village was a very short experience. I finished the game in just over 11 hours, making it a very quickly spent $70. If you don’t mind a short game then this would be an ideal addition to your collection. With plenty of scares, an immersive atmosphere, and some remarkable characters, Resident Evil: Village will leave you smiling, and occasionally casting a paranoid glance over your shoulder.

Whether you’re a long-time fan of the Resident Evil franchise or a newcomer to the series; RE: Village is to be yet another classic in a long line of excellent titles. When you’re looking for a solid scare, you can never go far wrong with Resident Evil. So, gather your herbs, check your ammo, don a diaper and prepare for the many surprises of Castle Dimitricus.


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