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As one of the most anticipated sequels of our time, The Predator which is technically Predator 4 is coming soon. Directed by Shane Black, The Predator is set to be a sequel to the 1987 original Predator movie. Without too many details available of how exactly they arrive to Earth, we know that a young boy accidentally does something horribly wrong which guarantees their journey to Earth. Once they get there, it’s revealed that the Predators aren’t the same Predators we once knew. They’ve instead been genetically enhanced and modified to be superior to the 1987 Predator in every way.

The Predator is a lot smarter, has more strength and they’re far better hunters than they were before. To save the day, a group of ex-military, contractors and a scientist must team up and save Earth before Predator wipes out every living organism on the planet. One of the most recently developments and something we’re really looking forward to is that Predator can actually change their skin to blend into the environment now. This is a new development and part of their genetic mutation. This change was seen in a recent trailer where two predators clash with each other and you have to slow the video down to a fraction of its speed but it indeed changes colors.

It’s also rumored that the Ultimate Predator won’t be using any kind of cloaking technology and it doesn’t need to hide like the previous and inferior version. As a throwback to the original predator movies, their thermal vision isn’t going to be like the most modern iterations of Predator movies and instead, they’re going to be much more in tune with the original. The film will be released with a R-rating due to all the violence and gore in the movie, as seen by the trailers we can access so far. A lot of fans have seen the quick confrontation between Fugitive Predator and Ultimate Predator but what fans didn’t see is how that confrontation ended (WARNING SPOILERS) and it’s messy.

The Ultimate Predator after slamming Fugitive Predator down onto a car, forcefully removes Fugitive Predator’s mask and then in a shocking display, rips his entire head off. When fans were shown this at Comic Con, there was a lot of shock and awe but the version that fans saw at Comic Con wasn’t even finished yet. Apparently, it’s going to be a lot bloodier and have more gore effects added before the official release. The Predator is being released in just 31 days and has been subject to re-shoots for reasons unknown to us.

In another surprising twist, fans will finally get to see a female Predator. In one scene, Casey Bracket (played by Olivia Munn) is about to be attacked by the Fugitive Predator which wears the standard Predator armor but that’s when Ultimate Predator shows up and it’s a far larger and far superior Predator in terms of overall strength, fighting and mutation, which is more than likely when the tragic scene of Fugitive’s beheading takes place. The Predator is set to release on September 14, 2018 in theaters everywhere.

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  1. Personally, I enjoyed everything there is to be in Predator. I can’t pick out any faults or downside in the movie. Also looking at what they did with Prey, I would say that they did a good job too. I watched Prey recently on Hulu.


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