Leave Review (2023)

Leave is the latest addition to the media streaming platform dedicated to the horror genre, Shudder. Following a young woman as she seeks out answers to a past of abandonment, Leave takes us to the ru...

4.4 Poor

Knock at the Cabin Review

Knock at the Cabin has been received with a mixed bag of reviews since its release on February 3, of this year (2023). Full of intrigue all the same, we took a trip to the cinema to settle the debate:...

6.5 Fair

M3GAN Review

Blumhouse Productions rarely bring anything to the table that falls short of excellence, and M3GAN doesn’t break the proverbial mold. Part Child’s Play and part Black Mirror, this latest h...

9 Amazing

There’s Something Wrong with the Children Review

From the great minds of Blumhouse Productions comes the beautifully creepy There’s Something Wrong with the Children. As one of the first horror movies to be released in 2023, a decent bar has b...

4.4 Poor

Hellraiser 2022 Review

Hellraiser 2022 is a macabre retelling of Clive Barker’s original novella, The Hellbound Heart. Bringing the eighties classic into a far more modern light, writers, Ben Collins and Luke Piotrows...

9 Amazing

Horror Movies Coming out in 2023

As the holiday season rolls in, the end of the year draws near. With 2022 almost at an end (thankfully), we thought it would be the perfect time to take a look at the year ahead and what lies in store...

Smile Review

With a phenomenal performance from Sosie Bacon, Smile is a twisting journey through the darker recesses of the human psyche. The generous helping of jump scares is served up with delicious psychologic...

9 Amazing

The Return of a Classic – An Arachnophobia Remake is on its way

Arachnophobia – quite possibly the most common of phobias and enough to bring even some of the biggest and bravest of men to their quivering knees. Love them or loath them, one thing is certain,...

Scorn (Xbox/PC) Preview

It doesn’t happen often, but when a horror game works, it really works. Such is the case for the Kickstarter-funded upcoming horror title, Scorn. Taking inspiration from the works of the masterm...

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