Unwelcome Review (2023)

Unwelcome is the latest horror movie to become available to stream across a number of platforms. When a couple escapes city life to move to rural Ireland, they are met with a horde of goblins that dwe...

4 Poor

Unseen Review (2023)

Unseen is a quirky horror movie produced by Blumhouse TV and MGM+ and is the first of an agreed eight Blumhouse TV originals set to appear on the Amazon-owned video streaming service. Nicely setting t...

7.8 Good

The Price we Pay Review (2023)

From the director of The Midnight Meat Train and the anthology, Nightmare Cinema comes a fresh offering that promises a gore fest and delivers at every turn. The Price we Pay is a not-so-gentle remind...

7 Good

Infinity Pool Review (2023)

From the evidently disturbed mind of Brandon Cronenberg (Possessor ) comes a dark and twisted tale of a dystopian all-inclusive vacation resort with a sinister operation at play. Infinity Pool is a mi...

8.7 Great

Knock at the Cabin Review

Knock at the Cabin has been received with a mixed bag of reviews since its release on February 3, of this year (2023). Full of intrigue all the same, we took a trip to the cinema to settle the debate:...

6.5 Fair

Baby Ruby Review

Writer-director, Bess Wohl, depicts the early throes of motherhood in Baby Ruby. An arty, ambitious movie centered around the uncertainty of mental health. Baby Ruby is Admirably Ambitious Tackling a ...

7.5 Good

The Offering Review

Esteemed horror movie writer, Oliver Parks, adds to his long list of horror titles with The Offering. When an ancient demon is unleashed in a Jewish morgue, the life of an unborn child comes under thr...

6.4 Fair

Snow Falls Review

When five friends take their shared brain cell on vacation to Snow Falls, their New Year’s Eve celebrations take a deadly turn when they decide to eat the snow. What starts as a boozy weekend, q...

4 Poor

M3GAN Review

Blumhouse Productions rarely bring anything to the table that falls short of excellence, and M3GAN doesn’t break the proverbial mold. Part Child’s Play and part Black Mirror, this latest h...

9 Amazing

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