Saw X Preview – The Franchise Continues

Prepare your eyes (and your stomachs) for the return of one of the bloodiest, nerve-shattering franchises to ever grace our screens. The dark, enigmatic world of twistedly clever puzzles, moral dilemmas, and almost unbearable suspense is once again geared up to return with the eleventh franchise installment, Saw X. With its signature blend of extreme gore, gripping suspense, and dramatic twists, Saw X will undoubtedly be eagerly anticipated for its abundance of fans.

Saw X Preview | MyGamer

Saw X will Continue the Original Story

With Spiral: From the Book of Saw receiving such a mixed bag of opinions, many will be happy to know that the franchise hasn’t chosen to follow the 2021 offshoot. Instead, Saw X looks like it will take place between the events of the 2004 original and Saw II. Of course, this means that the original Jigsaw killer will be making a fresh appearance after his death in Saw III. Furthermore, John Kramer will once again be played by original actor, Peter Tobin.

What We Know About the Plot of Saw X

The powers that be have managed to keep a shroud of secrecy over the details surrounding the plot of Saw X. However, this scarcity of plot details only proves to stoke the fires of anticipation, as fans of the franchise have been given both time and a blank canvas on which to speculate.

Lionsgate has remained firmly tight-lipped, providing almost nothing in the way of clues. It’s a classic marketing approach, designed to keep us guessing about how the movie will play out while intensifying the suspense. What macabre traps will Jigsaw lay out this time around and who will be meeting their fate(s), only time will tell.

Saw X Preview | MyGamer

Here’s the carrot that Lionsgate is mercilessly dangling for us. It’s vague, at best:

The return of Tobin Bell to the franchise furthers Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures’ goal of a film that captures everything Saw fans love about the franchise, while also keeping them guessing with all-new traps and a new mystery to solve

Lionsgate on Saw X

Amanda Young will be Back for Saw X

After being one of the few to survive Jigsaw’s traps, Amanda Young becomes his prodigy in the second movie, after believing the master of traps had saved her life. Most of you reading will remember that she went on to spiral (no pun intended) into madness, making traps that were impossible to survive. As this was against the principles strictly followed by Kramer, Amanda pays the ultimate price and dies at the hands of the lead antagonist.

However, with Saw X taking place between the first and second movies, Amanda is still alive and well. It would be interesting if we could see a little more of her ‘mentorship’ under Jigsaw and see how the relationship developed between the two.

Saw X Preview | MyGamer
The Official Saw X Logo

James Wan and Kevin Gruetert are at the Helm

Horror movie legend James Wan will, of course, once again be stepping in as producer. Sitting in the director’s chair is none other than Kevin Gruetert, who has plenty of experience with the franchise after directing fan favorites, Saw VI and Saw: The Final Chapter (Saw 3D).

It’s great to know that what will likely be the last movie on this storyline is in good hands.

Saw X – Summary

Saw is one of the few franchises that, despite having many movies, doesn’t drop the ball. Ever since the first movie was released in 2004, the franchise has remained consistent in delivering high-quality horror movies, full of twists and turns. With that said, we have no reason to think Saw X will be any different and, consequently, eagerly await the October 27 release date.

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