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    After having a cats for so many years, I decided to get a dog a few years back. I have never been so happy with a decision. I think every house should have a dog lol. Anyway, cat or dog?


    Haha, as a crazy cat lady I need to say cat. I have 8 in total and, no, my house doesn’t smell. I would get more if the hubby would agree lol.

    Arnold Layne

    Dogs because theyre a lot more obedient, a lot more loyal and give a lot more back to the owner than a cat could ever do.

    Edwin Cooper

    Dogs,because they come when you call them.Cats are a lot less excited to see you


    I have been a dog lover the rest of my life and I’m not sure if it’s ever going to be possible for me to swap dogs for cats. How do I even start to adjust to the psychological level of living with a cat. I don’t even know how to take care of them. Dogs for me always please!!


    I love both cats and dogs. My mother had both of them and I interacted with them when I was growing up which was what made me love them. I only have a dog for now.


    I have never had the thought of swapping my dogs for cats. It’s not possible to happen because I have dotted my dogs so much that we can’t be separated. It’s only death that can separate us from each other.

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