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    Edwin Cooper

    Hello everyone as the title says. How would you invest 100k for the best returns?
    Online or offline

    My thoughts would be into a website but not exactly sure on what would generate good results.
    what do you guys think?


    Real Estate have always been my favourite investment priorities. If I should get my hands on $100k now, I will invest over 80% of it into real estate. The rest might go into agriculture and cryptocurrency.


    There are so many things that I can invest in with $100k. I love transportation business and I would be interested in putting in a good investment in that sector.


    I have always wanted to have an investment in the hospitality sector. But just only $100k wouldn’t be enough to start up the project for me. I’m not sure if it’s even going to enough to start real estate in a way that’s going to pay me well.

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