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    Gaming and archery all the way for me. Reading is always good too. I can’t go without having a book on-the-go. How about you guys?

    Dan S

    I love walking. I take my dog everywhere. We are lucky enough to back on to a load of woodland, so it’s nice to get out and about in nature with my furry friend.

    Dr Harper

    Darts, I love it. I started playing when I was about 10 and I’m still playing 30 years later. It’s a great, sociable game and isn’t too testing on the ol’ health lol.


    Anything to do with crafting really. I like crochet, making greetings cards and little bits and bobs that I sell on Etsy. The last is more of a job than a hobby but I enjoy it all.

    Arnold Layne

    I’m a massive snooker player. I don’t mean I play snooker and am 8-foot tall but I play it a hell of a lot. I normally try and pack at least 3 hours a day into the snooker hall. The snooker hall to me is what the gym is to many.

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