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    Arnold Layne

    I love music and always fall back on it if down or stressed. My favourite bands and artists are Sabbath, Priest, Young, Floyd, Zepp and the Doors.

    What do you listen to?


    I listen to songs that are very calm. I don’t do hip hop or rap or any heavy metal songs. They are too noisy for my liking. It’s blues, jazz, instrumentals that are my kind of songs. I also do Raggae once in a while.


    There’s a musician in my called Davido. He’s my favourite singer and he’s very good. Some of his songs that I enjoy listening to are ; Fire Fire, IF and so much more.


    I don’t have any exception to the kind of music I love listening to. As long as the music have good beats, I’m definitely going to enjoy listening to it. It’s like now, I’m listening to Cloak and Dagger by Bruna Boy.

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