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    Edwin Cooper

    This thought popped in my head a few weeks ago. In my town we finally got a chipotle about a few years ago. I hadnt ever had it until a few weeks ago. A buddy of mine and I went in and got a burrito and a small drink and it came out to a little over $9. The burrito was small and lackluster. I started thinking to myself “Why the hell is this place so hyped, Qdoba is way better.” At Qdoba you can get a two times bigger burrito a small drink and a fat chocolate chip cookie for 11 bucks. Not to mention the Qdoba burritos just in general tasted better to me. Anyone else feel the same?


    I don’t know anything about Chipotle because it’s not that much hype or relevant to me. As for a chicken burrito, well that’s something I can attest to as something I have enjoyed a couple of times.

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