Upcoming Horror Movies to Keep on your Radar

2018 and 2019 looks to be shaping up as an exciting year for new horror movies. There are some really good promising movies coming out and some that should probably be avoided.

St. Agatha – Focused on a young pregnant woman named Agatha sometimes in the 1950s, Agatha finds solace in a small group and while everything seems great at first, Agatha quickly learns that everything’s not what it appears to be and that people are forced to be silent about the atrocities being committed. No notable celebrities are in this movie and there’s not a lot of information on it.

The Ninth Passenger – It sounds like your stereotypical party movie as a group of friends climb aboard a high-end yacht to party but the party quickly turns into a fight for survival and all the friends have to figure out who’s killing them off one-by-one.

Mandy – Starring Nicolas Cage, the movie focuses on a man named Red Miller who’s gone through some traumatic experiences and is on the hunt to find the person who was responsible for murdering his wife. Along the way, he learns that things aren’t as black and white as they appear. This is a very in-your face movie with a unique directing style. Think of Sin City meets Pulp Fiction but in a horror setting.

The Little Stranger Movie

The Little Stranger – The story revolves around a man named Dr. Faraday who was a well-respected doctor. During a seemingly normal routine patient examination, he quickly learns that the patient and facility called Hundreds Hall has more secrets than he knew about. The family who owns Hundreds Hall has begun to report being haunted by angry inhabitants but little does the doctor know, he was about to share their experiences.

The Puppet Master – Puppet Master fans have been waiting for a remake and they finally got one. This is a very blood envisioned movie with a lot of gore and we have to clarify again, a lot of blood. The story starts out seemingly normal where Edgar comes back home after his brother dies prematurely. When Edgar is going through his brother’s belongings, he finds a doll that looks satanic but it looks like it’s in good condition, so he takes it a shop to pawn it off. As it turns out, the doll was worth a lot of money and bringing the doll back to where it originally came from was a grave mistake. Soon after the doll’s return, the puppets start murdering people left and right in some of the most gruesome ways you can imagine.

The Nun – Taking a turn we don’t see a lot of, this movie focuses on a demonic nun. Finally, a nun gone bad movie. The movie focuses on a priest that is no stranger to turmoil with his past. The movie starts by sending a priest and his novice to Romania where a young nun was brutally murdered. Once they get there, they learn that there’s some demonic entities there and that they’re dealing with a force of the likes they’ve never seen before.

The New Mutants – This is a movie set based on the Marvel Comic heroes and focuses on a group of teenagers who are being kept at a secret facility and examined for their superpowers. They struggle to come to grips with their reality, who they are and their superpowers. We love the idea of a comic book-based horror movie and it’s really a breath of fresh air away from the stereotypical heroes saving the day at the last-minute type comic book fodder we’ve been seeing for years now.

World War Z 2 – Well, this is definitely one we didn’t see coming. We really didn’t feel like World War Z left a lot of room for another sequel but we were wrong because Brad Pitt will be returning as Gerry Lane in the second installment of this fast-action packed zombie horror movie. No other cast members or information is available at this time but David Fincher has been confirmed as the director.

Suspiria – With a promising cast such as Dakota Johnson and Chloe Grace Moretz, we’re already excited about seeing these two together. Directed by Luca Guadagnino, the plot of this movie focuses on a dance company that begins to experience events that no one can explain. Soon after, some people start succumbing to events that no one can explain and others seem to be at the forefront of it all. We don’t know a lot about this movie but we’re excited to see Chloe Grace Moretz and Dakota Johnson together.

Overlord – Do you love the idea of Saving Private Ryan but as a horror movie? Well good news, because this movie focuses on the D-Day invasion and focuses on American soldiers who are sent to eliminate some Nazi camp sites. Soon though, they realize that there’s something far more sinister going on than a standard military operation and that Nazis were conducting experiment

Halloween – One of the most anticipated horror movies of the decade has to be the Halloween 2018 sequel. This movie doesn’t really follow any of the other Halloweens and has nothing to do with the Rob Zombie remakes. Michael Myers is back and this movie follows the events directly after the 1978 original Halloween. Michael escapes from his captivation and pursues down his sister, played by Jamie Lee Curtis. This will be a slasher that stays true to the Michael Myers name and most of the original stuff, even including Michael’s clothing will stay the same as it was in the original.

Those are some of the most anticipated movies coming out in 2018 and up to mid-2019 but if you can only see one, we highly recommend seeing the 2018 version of Halloween. We think The Nun has some promise too, only because it’s a plot you don’t really see a lot of and Overlord has a pretty interesting spin on the typical war story we’re so used to seeing, so we’re really excited for all of these releases.

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