Halloween Preview

For four decades, Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) has been haunted by the thought of Michael Myers escaping confinement and coming for her. Halloween 2018 is setup to by a sequel to the film Halloween which was released in 1978. This film is not a reboot or a remake, it’s a direct continuation of the events that took place in the previous Halloween movie. Things get complicated if you consider the timeline and the events of other Halloween movies because technically, Laurie Strode has died, twice.

The first time she died was in the movie Halloween IV: Return of Michael Myers where she was killed in a car accident. She was also killed successfully by Michael Myers in Halloween: Resurrection. So, it’s going to be weird going into the film knowing that she’s technically died twice but we’re supposed to suspend all of that and just remember the events of the first film. Michael Myers is set to be played by actor James Jude Courtney. It’s rumored that the original Michael Myers actor Nick Castle is also said to have a few scenes as Michael Myers in the movie but he will not be filming the majority of the role.

We’re a little concerned about the overall plot of the movie because it seems very predictable and we’re curious to see how it’ll play out on the big screen. In this newest installment, Michael Myers was arrested and placed inside of a mental facility. This is when an over-eager filming crew visit him because they’re attempting to make a documentary about all of his crimes. For some reason, this leads to or causes Michael Myers to escape again (couldn’t he have done this before?) and he then goes on the hunt for Laurie. We’re not sure why he’s sat there for forty years in solitary confinement and decided that a camera crew showing up was the perfect time to escape but we’ll just have to watch and find out.

At the same time, Laurie has been expecting his return and has been living in fear for the past forty years. It’s a little different this time though, because Laurie has a granddaughter and daughter to protect as well, as Michael will more than likely come for them to get to her. It’s going to be a bit odd seeing as every single rendition of this movie has to be ignored except for the original. It’s not really out of the ordinary though because Rob Zombie created Halloween I & Halloween II which were completely original concepts and if you’ve ever seen a Rob Zombie film, he really likes to go outside of the norms of directing.

Most importantly, Michael Myers’ mask or outfit won’t be receiving any changes from the original adaptation. The mask was made specifically for this movie and it’s going to look a little more worn down, about 40 years of wear and tear. The production company behind Halloween is Blumhouse, which usually does pretty good work, so we think this will be a good film. We’re anxious and nervous at the same time to see how this turns out.

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