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The Best Horror Movies Coming in 2022

With 2021 now way behind us and as our warmer months approach, we thought it to be the perfect time to cast our eyes out across the horizons of horror to come. With industry-halting restrictions in th...

No One Gets Out Alive Review

No One Gets Out Alive is a Netflix Original title following a Mexican illegal immigrant as she moves into a shady backstreet apartment with a sinister secret. No One Gets Out Alive Plot When Ambar, a ...

8.5 Great
forever purge

Forever Purge

The Purge franchise has never held any appeal to me; so it came as a surprise to even myself when I chose to finally give it a go and review Forever Purge. As an entry point into the lawless world of ...

7.8 Good

Resident Evil: Village – Review

Not long before Resident Evil: Village was unleashed on the general public (May 7th, 2021) I had the pleasure of putting pen to paper (only in a far more 21st-century fashion) and merging my wildest s...

Wrong Turn 2021

When Jennifer and her friends go on a soul-searching journey into the mountains, things take a sinister turn when they stray from the beaten path and into the realm of mountain-dwelling savages, going...

3.2 Bad

Son Review

After reading a handful of reviews from other writers, I had high hopes for Son. To say I was let down would more than likely win a prestigious award at the Understatement of the Year ceremony 2021. W...

3.2 Bad
chucky series

Chucky Preview

I remember watching the Child’s Play movies at a friend’s house as a child. I distinctly remember the fear it instilled in my young mind. The memory of eying all of my toys with suspicion when I got h...

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