Halloween Kills Preview

It was over four decades ago since Michael Myers climbed out from the depths of John Carpenter’s dark mind and onto our screens. From day one, the cult icon garnered masses and masses of fans and defined the slasher horror sub-genre and giving Michael Myers a very real passport to immortality.

In his 43-year tenure, the world’s favorite masked maniac has hacked, slaughtered, butchered and reigned merry hell through a total of 11 Halloween movies. Proving time and time again that there will always exist a cult-like following and a place in the heart of horror fans the world over.

With the trailers not offering much insight on the surface, I thought I would write about what we already know about Halloween Kills. It’s not much, but it does offer a certain hope to the penultimate movie in a series that will eventually amass to 13 titles (see what they did there?).

Halloween Kills will be a Direct Sequel to Halloween 2018

If you’re a fan of the Halloween movies, it will only take a quick watching of the trailer to realize that Halloween Kills will follow on from the same night as the often criticized Halloween 2018. Halloween writer, Danny McBride, confirmed this in an interview with Empire Magazine.

While this may seem a little disappointing to the Halloween fans that wanted a fresh reboot, it does mean a return of franchise favourites Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode and Judy Greer stepping back into the shoes of Karen from Halloween 2018.

The Original Halloween Movie is About to be Rekindled

Talking to Collider in 2019, original cast member Jamie Lee Curtis announced to Collider that she was excited for the future of the Halloween franchise. Sparking joyous grace in the hearts of older fans, she said that the writers are heavily focusing on the cast of old and unpacking the original Halloween movie.

I personally received this news with a prayer of thanks to the gods of horror. By changing time-tested premises, many horror franchises have fell to the legendary Sword of Spin-Offs.

Jason Blum gives Fans of Gore Hope with a Teasing Tweet

Blood, guts, gore, decapitation and the butchering of humans are all key elements we have come to expect from a slasher horror movie. However, in the Tweet below the director gives a cheeky, teasing hint at what looks to be a seriously violent scene.

From other directors this wouldn’t be such a bad thing but from the mouth of Blum himself, this tells us to buckle-up, don our protective eye-wear and aprons, and get ready for an explosively gory closing movie.

Halloween Kills won’t be the Last

Despite me calling Halloween Kills a closing movie, it isn’t the last that will be out. In true horror movie fashion, Blumhouse Production, have announced that they will end with a final movie in October of this year with a 13th movie, Halloween Ends. With a title like that, it would no doubt destroy the whole franchise if they were to make any movies after this. However, stranger things have happened in the world of classic horror.

Halloween kills preview


I’ve always been a fan of Halloween and just hearing that haunting theme tune in the trailer made me thirsty for more. It’s also great to hear that the premise will be canonical with the original movies. The time-honoured story has carved ‘Halloween’ on the walls of its genre for over forty years. Hopefully, these two last movies will go to give the franchise the send-off it deserves.

I have high hopes. However, it does need to pull something out of the bag.

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