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chucky series

I remember watching the Child’s Play movies at a friend’s house as a child. I distinctly remember the fear it instilled in my young mind. The memory of eying all of my toys with suspicion when I got home on that fateful night still haunts me today.

Despite being traumatized – or perhaps because -, I have still held a love for the infamous, murderous doll over all of these years. There was something about the thought of toys springing to life with murderous intent that conjured up its very own brand of fear. To this day, I still can’t look a teddy bear directly into its plotting eyes; I blame Chucky. With 8 movies to boast over three decades, they are definitely doing something right.

Chucky Will Rekindle old Fires

Loyal fans of the Child’s Play franchise will be delighted to know that Chucky will pay frequent homage to its terrifying roots. Having first made an appearance in 1988, Chucky has slaughtered his way through the years and is back for more. Previously, the franchise has mostly followed a veneer-thin plotline; with many characters returning, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that the TV adaptation will feature ample nostalgic grace.

The original voice actor will be returning to play the voice of Chucky. Having Brad Dourif back in the tiny shoes will go to both give truckloads of nostalgia for fans of old and give the current generation a rekindled taste of a true master. Jennifer Tilly has also appeared on the cast (Tiffany, The Bride of Chucky). This hints at a revival of the Bride of Chucky but to what extent is unknown. Regardless of screentime, she is sure to set up a storm.

The Plot and Premise Surrounding Chucky

As mentioned earlier, old faces will return. That doesn’t necessarily mean you will need to binge on the older movies in order to understand what’s happening; I will, however, always recommend a Child’s Play binge.

Chucky will kick off with the protagonist, Jake Webber (played by Zackary Arthur) finding a vintage doll at a car boot sale. What follows is the inevitable bloodbath descending on the otherwise idyllic American town.

chucky series

Chucky is back and is stronger than ever, now possessing the ability to possess other toys. What this means for the role of the original doll is unknown. However, it’s been made clear that Chucky will be a key part of the plot. Viewers will be offered a deeper insight into the life of Charles Lee Ray. This will be portrayed with a series of dreams the doll has (yes, I know how ridiculous that sounds). If the previous movies have lacked in anything, then it’s backstory.

With very little previously explained about the origins of Ray’s life and how he transpired to become The Lakeshore Strangler, it will be nice to delve down this particular abyss. I am holding out all my hopes and have all my digits firmly crossed (which made typing this a chore) that what’s unearthed will do the whole franchise credit. There’s a lot riding on this previously undisclosed information and cliches and platitudes won’t garner any support from long-devoted fans.

When and Where will Chucky Air

Media streaming website SyFy gave Chucky the green light in January 2020. Sadly, the pandemic forced the crew to stop filming and it’s unclear when they are set to air. It should be available on SyFy this fall.


As I sit and stare at my calendar, I can’t help but feel an ever-increasing anticipation, a growing trepidation, a creeping sense of disquiet. We have before seen our favorite movies slaughtered in hastily thrown together TV adaptations (no names mentioned, but Damien from 2014).

If they pull this off, on the other hand, we are sure to be in for an absolute treat. Let the nightmares commence.

Child’s Play has all of the promise and the capabilities to really bring something special to the horror genre. The series will attract a lot of attention from the older generation. All eyes are on Syfy, this could very well be their make or break; a chance to share in the glory of industry giants such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

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