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From the marvellously macabre minds of Blumhouse Television and EPIX, comes Unhuman. When a motley bunch of students embark on a school field trip, they find themselves lost. After the bus they’re travelling on is sprayed with a blanket of blood, a PA system announces a ‘chemical attack’. Things only get worse for the misfit mob as they are thrown into a battle for survival against a growing horde of zombies.

While the premise sounds appealing enough, the real attraction to this upcoming flick is the all-star cast of horror icons. Directed by the seasoned Marcus Dunton (Saw IV, Saw V, Saw VI and Saw: The Final Chapter), Unhuman will star a medley of familiar faces from a whole host of horror hits. With stars from movies such as Halloween 2018 (Drew Scheid); the iconic slasher movie, I Know what you did Last Summer (Brianne Tju) and Teenwolf: The Movie (Benjamin Wadsworth), Unhuman shows great promise, solely from the cast alone.

unhuman preview

Unhuman – An Edgy Offering

Judging by the comic book style introductions the characters receive in the trailer, Unhuman has all of the hallmarks of a fun, racy horror movie. With distinct tones of movies like Kickass and Zombieland oozing from the trailer, this gore-fest clearly isn’t afraid to go beyond the bounds of traditional horror and serve a generous helping of laughter on the side. Expect Unhuman to be a beautifully chaotic riot!


Unhuman seems to be a compelling mixture of AMC’s The Walking Dead and Simon Pegg’s, Shaun of the Dead. With it’s fun-loving edge and blood-and-guts approach, we can’t wait to get our teeth stuck into this zombie-apocalyptic horror.

We doubt Unhuman will feature a gripping storyline, with plenty of twists. In fact, we are actively hoping for the corny dialogue and movie tropes that often drive movies of this kind. Besides, if it’s a deep plot we feel like, a comedy/horror is the last place we would look.

Yes, Unhuman looks to be 87-minutes of overly familiar clichés. However, these go hand-in-hand with horror/comedies and only succeed in adding to the cheesy charm. If you like a little comedy to go with your scares, Unhuman is hitting the cinemas on June the 3rd. Bring on the gore!


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