Hair-Raising Horror Games Coming Soon

Sadly, a lot of video games under the ‘horror’ banner often fall short of delivering anything close to a real horror experience. Oftentimes trying too hard, or not hard enough, there still remains a few select titles that make good on their promises and deliver the scares by the bucket.

With the coming months looking to bring with them a promising selection of horror video games, we needed to take a closer look. After dismantling the rumor mill and getting to the solid facts, we bring you our picks in upcoming horror video games that are sure to send chills down the spines of even the gutsiest of gamers. 2022 is looking great for horror fans.


October 21, 2022 (PC, Xbox Series X|S)

Inspired by the stunning works of H R Giger – the man behind the Xenomorphs -, Scorn is set in a nightmarish world where biology and machine entwine. The short teaser trailer leads us to think that the game is actually set in the darkest depths of Hell. Tortured, disjointed creatures wander the living and breathing world as worm-like monstrosities slither their way across the fleshy, sinew-covered floors.

Weapons are also a macabre mixture of flesh and bone. With parts that can be swapped out, it looks like a system previously seen in Doom Eternal. This added an interesting element to the Bethesda title, and we’re sure it will work here. After all, there’s no such thing as ‘too much’ when it comes to weapon modifications. It’s always good to have options when the situation arises.

To add to the creeping, crawling sensations that Scorn is sure to conjure up, upgrading your weaponry and personal traits involves plugging a spider (that’s full of holes – ew) into a meaty console of guts, gore and machine.

Scorn has all the potential to be a ground-breaking horror title. With its nightmarish world and wandering abominations, we are confident that the upcoming game will be a welcome addition to the Game Pass library. Scorn will a ‘Day One’ title from October, 21. Additionally, the title will be available on PC. However, there’s no news on a PlayStation release, as of yet.

The Outlast Trials

With the two previous Outlast games collectively scaring over eight million people from across the globe, The Outlast Trials is sure to follow their infamous ways. Furthermore, this time daring gamers can team up with up to three other players and try to outlast together. Whether you’re braving the game alone, or with friends, the history of Outlast games is surely to be repeated with a immersive, atmospheric ride, full of jump scares and tension.

This time out, Outlast is set during the Cold War and before the events of the first two games. The Murkoff Corporation is volunteering unwilling humans to take part in psychologically destroying games and biological experiments.

We guess your objective in The Outlast Trials would be to escape the evil clutches of your captors. Early footage suggests co-op games will be reliant on teamwork to survive. With that in mind, the game would probably be best played with a friend. In fact, take two.

The Outlast Trials is confirmed by developers, Red Barrels, to have a 2022 release date. It will also be available across all popular platforms.

Dead Space (2023)

With such a roaring success the franchise garnered with the original games, Dead Space is set for a 2023 remake. The atmosphere of the original titles was almost palpable; adding to the uneasy tension that hung over the player as they explored the darkened corridors of the ship. Coupled with the creatures that sprang from air vents, this made for a truly terrifying ordeal.

Now, nearly a decade since Dead Space last scared the masses, a remake is on the cards. With the technology and graphical power of today’s machines, the Dead Space remake is set to be an absolute masterpiece. It only takes a few seconds of the teaser trailer to see how the improvements will add to the fear factor of the upcoming release.

upcoming horror video games

Sadly, the Dead Space remake won’t be hitting the Nintendo Switch. It will, however, be hitting Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PC, PS4, PS5 sometime this year (2022).


It seems we are finally in for a great year of horror video games. With Dead Space once again gracing our consoles and Scorn on the horizon, we can’t wait for what lays ahead. Furthermore, The Outlast Trails will undoubtedly follow suit and deliver a truly scary horror experience to old fans and new alike.

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