Hellraiser 2022 Preview

If there’s one movie franchise that scared a nine-year-old me to the core, it’s Hellraiser. There was something about Pinhead and his collective of weird and wonderful Cenobites that kept me awake at night. Now, 33-years since the original 1987 movie, the servant of Hell is making a return.

hellraiser reboot 2022

The New Hellraiser Movie will be a Reboot

As sad as it is, it doesn’t look like we will be reintroduced with the Cenobites just yet. Instead, the movie will be a reboot of the original ’87 masterpiece and start from the beginning. While there’s been little news of any sequels, it makes perfect sense that this should be followed up through the first three movies. Besides, with the news of the Hellraiser TV series also in the works, it seems we are going to have more than enough to keep us going.

Who will Play the new Pinhead

After Ru Paul’s Drag Race star Gottmik stunned the nation with his alter-ego’s depiction of Pinhead, casting directors immediately called him in to audition. However, due to Gottmik ‘not being menacing enough’, they instead gave the role to transgender Sense8 star, Jamie Clayton.

As strange as a female Pinhead sounds, it’s actually more accurate to the original in the novella, The Hellbound Heart, where the gender of the Hell Priest is never actually revealed. Furthermore, the legacy Pinhead had a “female and melodic voice”. Maybe they were wrong the first time around? Either way, we are sure a female Pinhead will be somehow even more chilling.

Hellraiser 2022 | New Hellraiser movie 2022

Clive Barker is Back for Hellraiser 2022

After winning a long, drawn-out legal battle for the rights to the franchise, Clive Barker will be sitting in the director’s seat for the Hellraiser reboot. With the Master of Horror finally back where he belongs, we know the movie is in good hands. This news also means that we can expect to see more of the franchise in the coming years – perfect.


If done right – and we’re sure it will be – Hellraiser could quite well be the movie of the year. Directed by David Bruckner (The Night House) and produced by the great Clive Barker, we’re in giddy anticipation to see the final result. Using a female actress to step into those iconic shoes is certainly a huge, bold move. However, we’re happy with the revelation and can’t wait to see Clayton in action.

There isn’t yet a confirmed release date, but Hellraiser could be released as early as this year (2022).

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