Horror Movies Coming out in 2023

As the holiday season rolls in, the end of the year draws near. With 2022 almost at an end (thankfully), we thought it would be the perfect time to take a look at the year ahead and what lies in store for the horror genre and, of course, our fellow fans of fear.


January 12, 2023

With the horror icon, James Wan, having a part in the writing of M3gan, we can be sure our most anticipated horror movie of 2023 will be one worth watching.

The plot of M3gan is straight out of the Netflix Original series, Black Mirror. When a young girl loses her parents in a tragic car crash, her aunt steps in and buys an AI controlled doll named M3gan to look over her and protect her. However, it doesn’t take long for the doll’s programming to go haywire and for M3gan to start taking her new job as protector a little too seriously and to devastating affect.

Horror Movies Coming out in 2023 - Horrify.net

Scream 6

March 31, 2023

After dipping their toes in the water with Scream 5, Scream 6 is set to release next year following the resounding success of the fifth movie. With only Cortney Xox confirmed to be stepping back into the shoes of Gale Weathers, it’s still unclear about who else will be making a return to the franchise in 2023. The word on the grapevine si that Matthew Lillard will be returning as Stu, but this hasn’t yet been confirmed or denied.

The Scream franchise has become a staple of horror since the first movie back in 1996 and it’s great to see it still to be alive and well. Scream 6 will be hitting the screens on March 31, 2023.

The Nun 2

September 8, 2023

The Nun was a firm favorite from the universe of The Conjuring movies and with Bonnie Aarons once again donning the habit, we can’t wait for The Nun 2 to finally hit the screens next year. Over the years the Conjuring Universe has garnered an almost cult-like following. It will be nice to see The Nun 2 living up to the hype it will undoubtedly garner, we can only wait with bated breath. Roll on, September.

Horror Movies Coming out in 2023 - Horrify.net

The Exorcist (2023)

October 12, 2023

After Halloween 2018, it seems that David Gordon Green is on a mission to remake classic movies. With his next project being The Exorcist (2023), we are hopeful that he can live up to the directorial finesse shown by William Friedkin in the 1971 masterpiece.

Not much is known about the upcoming The Exorcist other than original actor Ellen Burstyn. Whether or not she will be playing her original role as Chris MacNeil is unknown. Either way, it will be interesting to see.

The Exorcist (2023) will be in the capable hands of Blumhouse Productions and will be released on Octorber 12, 2023.

Horror Movies Coming out in 2023 - Horrify.net

Saw 10

October 27, 2023

Buckle up and avoid if you’re squeamish, the Saw franchise is back. With Tobin Bell once again confirmed to play the legendary John Kramer, it seems like Saw 10 will follow the original storyline, as opposed to the one of Spiral : From the Book of Saw. Furthermore, director Kevin Greutert will return to the directors chair, so expect some of the same vomit-inducing antics we saw in his last Saw movie, Saw 6.


2023 is shaping up to be a phenomenal year for horror fans. With a remake of The Exorcist on the cards, closely followed by Saw 10, there’s a lot to look forwards to from our beloved genre. With an abundance of promising titles to accompany the above in 2023, it’s likely we will highlight some more of our favorites towards the end of 2022.

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  1. I’m looking forward to watching all of them when they come out. Amongst them all, my most anticipated one’s are The Nun 2 and The Exorcist. I don’t like Saw that much but if it’s good, I’ll watch it.


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