Saint Drogo Preview

Taking inspiration from 1970s classic horror movies such as Rosemary’s Baby and Wicker Man, Saint Drogo is set to be a slow-burning, atmospheric movie with all the hallmarks of an award-winning production.

Saint Drogo – Storyline

When a gay couple find their relationship becoming stale, they pack-up their suitcases and, on a whim, decide to take an off-season break to Provincetown, Cape Cod. However, one half of the couple, Caleb, has been having recurring nightmares featuring his ex-partner who has been working in the sleepy town for the Summer.

On arrival, Caleb discovers that his former partner has gone missing and, as his visions become increasingly more disturbing, he grows all the more determined to find out what has happened and to find his ex. However, the closer he gets to his ex, the closer he gets to the sleepy town’s foreboding secret.

A Movie with Real Potential

As with many slow-burners, Saint Drogo has all the potential of winning awards. With the clear 70s inspiration shining through the teaser trailer, this upcoming horror stands out from the ever-growing stack of cookie-cutter horror movies.

With very few details surrounding Saint Drogo, we delved a little deeper and made an interesting discovery. Saint Drogo, historically, is the patron saint of the unattractive. It’s written that because of a deformity-causing disease, Drogo moved to France and became a hermit. Whether or not this late saint has anything to do with the movie is unclear. It will, however, be interesting to see the Flemish saint somehow entwined in the premise.

Saint Drogo – Summary and Release Date

Saint Drogo is perhaps the horror movie we’re most interested in this year. To take inspiration from a bygone era is a bold move, but one we really think will pay off. With the creepy, daunting atmosphere experienced in the trailer, we’re excited to see the finished production.

Saint Drogo is due to be released on October 7, 2022. Currently, there are no trailers on YouTube but you can watch it on Facebook here. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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