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    Upcoming Horror Movies – Fall, 2022

    As the spooky season rolls in, we are blessed with the excuse to watch even more horror movies. To celebrate the start of the best season of the year we donned our witch’s hats and, with one last clink of our ‘Stay Spooky’ champagne flutes to toast the season, we took to the internet to […]

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    The Return of a Classic – An Arachnophobia Remake is on its way

    Arachnophobia – quite possibly the most common of phobias and enough to bring even some of the biggest and bravest of men to their quivering knees. Love them or loath them, one thing is certain, they make great cast members to any horror movie. During the nifty-nineties, we we treated (or not, in a lot […]

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    Scorn (Xbox/PC) Preview

    It doesn’t happen often, but when a horror game works, it really works. Such is the case for the Kickstarter-funded upcoming horror title, Scorn. Taking inspiration from the works of the mastermind behind the Alien movies, H.R Giger and artist Zdzisław Beksiński, Scorn throws you into a dreamlike world of surreal dystopia; a place where […]

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    Hair-Raising Horror Games Coming Soon

    Sadly, a lot of video games under the ‘horror’ banner often fall short of delivering anything close to a real horror experience. Oftentimes trying too hard, or not hard enough, there still remains a few select titles that make good on their promises and deliver the scares by the bucket. With the coming months looking […]

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    Crimes of the Future Preview

    Crimes of the Future marks the return of a legendary horror director, David Cronenberg. With famously brilliant horror titles such as The Fly,1986; Nightbreed,1990 and Jason X, 2001 under his belt, the legendary director is finally making a return to the horror genre. The upcoming and controversially dark science movie, is set to carry on […]

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